Insomnia 58 - Live (ish) Blog - Sunday
So... After getting a tad tipsy the night before it was a somewhat slower start to the day. I think I must have gotten up around 10-10:30 ish... I made the slow walk down to the hotel restaurant to get my full fry up and all you can eat breakfast, though after the night before I dont think I ate that much... Shame on me...

I eventually met up with Dan and we eventually got on our way back to the event where we met up with Alex and someone else who's name escapes me... Sorry... We took a god look around the exhibition hall for a couple of hours before meeting up with some of the guys that were on our pub quiz table (And some others that were from BYOC) for some cards against humanity. At around 3PM we then met up with Rose and we headed off to Pizza hut again where not just did we have to wait for the best part of 10mins to get a seat... But then after getting in we experienced some of the slowest and possibly poorest service I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing, to the point where I wont return now. The only thing that redeemed the experience was the understanding and generosity of the manager who honoured the 2-for-1 deal that we were unable to complete due to our phones being crappy on the wireless internet of the shopping centre. It does not however mean that I will return, in my eyes its just too far out of the way, and after this experience just not worth it, we will have to find a new Insomnia tradition nearer to the NEC.

We eventually got back to the NEC where we had a quick look around and mostly sat around the press room chatting, both me and Dan were somewhat tired by this point and decided to call it a day a bit before 6PM when the venue closes down for the night.

We made our way back to the hotel rooms where we both went to Dan's room to look through all the footage we had collected, and tried to fix his camera (As he had dropped it Saturday morning like a derp...). We also then figured out what shots we wanted for the hype trailer and any pictures, and did some research into removing some of the flicker that we had recorded Saturday morning without realising it. I then went to Dinner (As Dan still was not feeling so great) and enjoyed a Mixed Grill with a Chocolate Brownie for desert. Before heading back up, having a quick chat with Dan and returning to my own room to get some much needed rest, as tomorrow we will be up very early, as we need to get into the Expo haul before the event opens to the public to get some cool shots for the hype trailer... See you all tomorrow!
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Posted on 28 Aug 2016 by Ryan W

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