Insomnia53 - Our Visit
Hey there,

So as you know, I recently visited Insomnia on behalf of Superior-Networks on Saturday (22/11/2014) to Sunday (23/11/2014).

Upon visiting, I met up with a group of people I attended the event with along with their friends.

This is my event coverage, bear in mind this is a quick draft that I wrote so please do ignore any spelling/grammatical errors. If you didn't understand anything, feel free to let me know and I'll go over it again.

I left the house around 0830 aiming to be at Insomnia for 0930 so I could setup in the Press room and get everything ready. I took a laptop with me and used my phone for video's and pictures. When I arrived, it looked like I didn't need my phone for video's or pictures because the people I was meeting up with had brought other equipment I could use. When we all entered the Arena, it was great, there were hundreds of people waiting to enter. Now, we had 10 minutes to kill before doors opened, so I took everyone down to the press room and got everything setup. I took everyone down, got everything setup and then we set away for the first door open of the day. I managed to sneak in, I fought threw the crowds towards the door and the guard on the door told me I could go in, so I did! I got in there about a minute before everyone else, it was amazing.

Seeing how mad the Exhibitors go just before the doors open. I seen big name Exhibitors (GAME, CoolerMasterUK, Thermaltake etc) setting all the final things up. It was amazing. I had a quick word with one of the Exhibitors but seconds later the doors opened and people flooded in. It was an amazing thing to see, it felt like I was an Exhibitor, and everyone was running towards me in a shear panic. I wouldn't want to be an Exhibitor. Minecraft Communities like Hypixel and Teams like The Noxcrew were there, and their booths were instantly full. Hypixel's Booth was full in seconds, I mean the doors opened, and people knew that's what they wanted to do first. Same for Noxcrew, it was honestly amazing to see that people had their heart set on one thing and refused to go against it.

There were other Exhibitors of course, for example there were tones of Indie Game Developers showing themselves of like OortOnline and many more (I've got a list of them, its just too long of a list. I can add it at a later date if requested). I decided that personally I'd go for the Indie Games first, this is because I like to see new games grow and get to know the people behind them, and I've done this every time I've been to Insomnia. So, I visited the Indie Games Section, I played one or two games, getting to know the Developers etc. For once, I didn't know any of the games there this time (Except OortOnline) and that was a surprise to me. I took a keen interest to a Two Player game called Narcissus when myself and Dan played it. It was a 2D Pixel Based Game where you both had to make it from one side of the level to the other without dying. If you died, you both started again. It was great, we wen't back once or twice. There were so many more games but honestly listing and talking about them would be difficult, so I'm only going to talk about the one. I do apologize.

I would love to go into more detail but sadly I have alot on my plate as of now and I've had to take time out to write this as it is.

I will add to this every time I have some free time.

Alex Harris
Superior-Networks Contractor
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Posted on 08 Dec 2014 by Alex H

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