Changes To The Running Of Superior Networks
Looking at these services in a very critical way I am not amazed with what we are offering. Our web hosting and reseller hosting has been somewhat neglected since the launch of our VPS services, and that is my fault. The Virtual Private Networks is something else that we have somewhat neglected and needs a bit of a kick up the backside to get going again. I should note that all the services we offer the support has always been there and the services working, I just feel that we need to work a bit harder in the new year to improve them further and get them to a standard where they are not "good" but "Great".

One of the big things we are planning for the new year with regard to our web hosting setup will be a full review on our cPanel configuration. We want to ensure that our cPanel is as user and developer friendly as it possibly can be. The other major change we are planning is a complete reinvention of all of our pricing schemes. Currently there are quite large jumps between each plan and this is not ideal for those who are looking for something in the middle of the plans. We will be introducing a range of plans, some of the smaller ones will only be allowed on longer billing cycles, however more details will be published when we finalize the new plans for you. In addition to adding new plans we will also be reviewing the pricing of our current plans and the resources that we are offering you per the plans. As I say we will be releasing some more detailed plans in the coming weeks or in the early new year.

With regards to our Virtual Private Network service we are not amazingly impressed. This is for two reasons, the first being that is is not doing amazing well as a system. Currently it requires a senior member of the team to manually create the account on the server and manually email the details to the person that has ordered the service. This is far from ideal, especially if the service ever had a huge influx of buyers. The second big problem that I personally have with the service is that the pricing is no longer as competitive as it was when we first launched it. This is something we can easily fix with a major review into the pricing schemes and offering new speeds that will be available with the planned launch of new locations and expansion (Read on...). The first issue with the automation is something that is a little more tricky, and may be a reason that it may never "Hit it off". We will continue to look into automation options for our Virtual Private Networking options, however this may be something that is not an easy fix.

We are reasonably happy so far with the way that our Virtual Private Servers have grown as well as they have, this is quite widely down to the support of the LowEnd Community (Low End Talk & Low End Box). It is not currently at its "perfect" stage as we do only have one location, and this is something we will be aiming to improve on along with the deployment of a KVM Node. This will be outlined in a bit more detail in an upcoming blog post as this one is already far to long for anyone to really have read this far!

A more generic note that has been flagged to us is the way that we are often a bit too relaxed with our public image and to date it has not been a major problem for us, we have always aimed to be a more relaxed and approachable people, while we will still aim to be very approachable as a team, we are going to be working to implement some small changes to the way we actually present our public image, for some this will make us a bit more "Clinical" and "Sterile" however I do not want us to get to the stage where we look so big that your feedback and comments do not get to where it actually matters, and its why we will not be making any changes to make it harder for you to work with us, we will be aiming to change the way that we present our twitter, facebook, website and other publicly accessible information.

We have a few blog posts to keep an eye out for, one is regarding EGX Rezzed next March, another about Insomnia 54 and another one about the planned expansion for January / early next year including new locations, KVM servers and more.

If you have any feedback / views on this post please do leave a comment as we would be interested to see what you think of our planned changes.
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Posted on 10 Dec 2014 by Ryan W

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