Insomnia 58 - Live (ish) Blog - Monday
Monday started far far earlier than I would usually have liked... I was up at 7:30AM so I had plenty of time to actually get out of bed, get myself ready for the day, and head down to breakfast. I again enjoyed a all you can eat breakfast, where I still had to fight a slightly queasy stomach, however I wasnt sure if this was just because I had eaten crap all weekend or because of the pub quiz the night before, however thinking about it, I expect it was down to eating nothing but crap all weekend...

Me and Dan then met up, checked out of the hotel and played Tetris with the boot of my car to try and fit everything into it. We got to the NEC at around 9:20 ish, dumped anything we didnt need to carry around with us but would need throughout the day in the press room, and Dan got his Camera and we headed into the expo haul. When we tried to enter at hall 6, they turned around and told us press couldn't get in early (Even though we had got in earlier 2 days before), and then we went to Hall 7 (The other Expo Hall entrance) and the gentleman let us straight in to the hall. We then setup some shots throughout the venue and got the initial shots we wanted.

At around 10:15-10:20 we then headed up to the expo stage where the crowds entered in from. We then setup the camera in the position we wanted and hit record as the crowds started coming in. The Hype trailer should be up at some point in the next few weeks when me and Dan have the chance to meet up again and start the editing process.

We then headed back to the press room and reviewed the footage that we had recorded, and then went back to the Expo floor to get some more shots now that there were people in the expo hall, again getting more shots for this Hype Trailer! Once we got the shots we wanted we headed back to the press room and reviewed everything, and we were happy with what we had! We then went back to the show floor to have a couple of hours of looking around at everything, and I decided to make it my mission to get a lanyard to hang on my wall back home with the wristbands on because this time we sadly never got a press pass lanyard as apparently they didnt bother doing one this year, eventually I managed to pick up a TP-Link 8GB USB Stick (Really nice btw, really happy), a TP-Link carrier bag, an Asus ROG Lanyard (Again really nice), some Asus ROG baton things that make a lot of noise.

Once we wrapped up and said goodbye to everyone we had met and got along with well at the event, and then packed up and decided to start the journey home, because its a fair trek away and we were both starting to get tired. After probably an hour? Something like that I think, we stopped at a service station and got a McDonnalds, and it was rather good, especially as they accepted these voucher things me and Dan had that gives a good deal, though their Milkshake machine was dead... Sad times...

About 40mins later we arrived in Gloucester to divert to a local Sainsburrys superstore to re-fuel, as I had burned nearly a tank of fuel over this weekend (It turns out it was a slightly more expensive weekend than I had expected...) before our final 30min trek home where I dumped my bags and got some sleep.

Thats the end of the blogs, we will look at getting a summary blog up shortly, along with the hype trailer. We are also currently planning for Insomnia 59, so feel free to come join our Discord where you can be a part of these plans! Join us here:
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Posted on 31 Aug 2016 by Ryan W

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