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It all started on a frosty December morning here in the south west of the UK. The epic journey that spanned over a weekend, with loads of games, cosplayers and beers awaiting us in Birmingham. It’s none other than the grand Insomnia Gaming Festival – the 59th iteration.

To begin with, the grand quest of not getting lost whilst picking everyone up began. Thankfully, I didn’t have the job of taxi duty (this time) – that was left to Ryan. After everyone had been collected we all procured some drinks from the nearest Costa to satisfy us on our relatively short journey up to Birmingham (about an hour and 20 minutes).

We managed to get to the NEC car park in one piece without being involved in any accidents. The first part of the event was over. Now it was time to meet up with distant friends, enjoy the event and look forward to the beers of the pub quiz that followed in the evening.

In our usual style, we did a lot of walking around the event seeing what’s what whilst not actively taking part in much. Sadly, there wasn’t any many PCs running CS as there were in previous events. However, I was able to enjoy messing around with one of the guys at the HP Omen booth about the PCs that they had there (it was basically quite high-end pre-built stuff) and saying about if it was capable of playing games such as Minesweeper and Minecraft. Obviously, it could. All of us did manage to get a free T-shirt out of them for it (we needed to upload a picture to Twitter with a hashtag), so that was nice.

This led us until the point of needing to go to our hotels before the pub quiz. We had booked hotels before the event but this wasn’t done directly through the hotel – this led to some issues. Once we arrived at the hotel for check-in, we found out that only two out of the four rooms were passed on to the hotel. Thankfully, the kind lady at the desk got everything sorted and we could relax momentarily before heading over to the NEC for the pub quiz.

Sadly, even though we booked a VIP table, we were not greeted with free beer that we had previously. Apparently, this was due to “budget cuts” (*cough* Brexit *cough*). Nonetheless, we were still able to enjoy the pub quiz, just with less alcohol (the average length of the queue + cost was too much).

The second day involved a lot of the same sort of thing as the first. This then led us to the journey back home again were we can all rest up in time for Christmas and the New Year.

We hope to be able to continue covering these events as we thoroughly enjoy going to them and taking part in all that there is to do throughout the weekend.

We’ll see you next time! (hopefully)
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Posted on 10 Jan 2017 by Dan J

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