Many of you that utilise our French Network will have recently noticed that we have run into a few issues as part of our plans to upgrade and improve on our overall network stability and size. The entire point of this upgrade was to bring about a better service for you, our valued clients.

We have however run into some serious issues with the server deployment, currently around the kernel and networking issues with our DC and the way in which our software requirements work with the server and the networks configuration.

We are working as hard and fast as we can to resolve the issue, however it has already made a huge impact to you, our clients. As such we want to give our affected clients a way to try to get services online, while ideally we would move everyone onto our other french node, however there is no way that the node would support every single client.

We will be offering compensation to all our affected clients, and a detailed blog post on how to claim this will be posted in the coming days as we need to finalise how it will work and make sure that it is fair for all clients.

We are now offering all clients, on a first come first serve basis the option to be moved onto our other French node, or to our Canadian network. Both options will result in a new IPV4 issued however will allow your service to come back into operation. If you wish to have your VPS migrated then please contact our support team and explain if you want to move to the other French Node, or Canadian Network.

We appreciate your continued understanding, and we will keep you updated via Twitter.
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Posted on 17 Feb 2016 by Ryan W
While it is already a fair way into 2016 we have been making huge progress, and I wanted to let everyone know what our overall 2016 action plan is and what we aim to achieve bringing Superior Networks to the next level for our customers.

Over 2015 a lot of projects were conceived, some were continued and some have been put on the back burner for another day, some of these projects will be revived here in 2016, some will not. This blog post outlines the entire action plan.
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Posted on 12 Feb 2016 by Ryan W
Over the last few days you will likely have noticed that we have been moving a lot of our containers away from out Tomato server and on to our newer Turnip server. This is so we can make a quick and efficient migration onto our brand new server.

Our new French server (Due to replace Tomato) has just been provisioned to us and we will be getting the latest software & Security systems setup and installed on it over the next 48 hours. We will also be finalizing the last few clients on Tomato onto our Turnip server, and then from there we can decommission Tomato.

As soon as our Tomato server has been fully decommissioned we will be able to put the new server (to be named) into production use. We will then look at what the best balance of resources will be (So you can utilize the most power from your VPS) and make the appropriate migrations from there.

Once you have been migrated from Tomato to Turnip the IPV4 address that you are allocated will remain with the VPS, even if you do move onto the new server. The current reason that that IPV4's are changing is due to the lack of availability for us to migrate the old IPV4's to the Turnip server.

I do very much appreciate the patients and support that you as our client is giving to myself and the company as we strive to improve our network, so you can get an even better service.

If you do have any questions / concerns please do not hesitate to open a support ticket at your earliest convenience.
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Posted on 08 Feb 2016 by Ryan W
We have recently added the ability to enable two factor authentication by the use of a Yubico key, however today we also added the ability to use Google Authenticator to provide a two step authentication system to further protect your account.

We are currently in the early implementation stages and there are some issues that we are working on, however we understand that it does work to a good standard so far, and we will improve on this over time.

Please do give us any feedback and suggestions to further improve your experience.

All the best,

Ryan Wild

Founding Director.
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Posted on 27 Jan 2016 by Ryan W
With Christmas fast approaching it is important that we keep you updated with our planned support availability throughout the christmas holidays. While all support desks will remain available to contact, depending on the support desk you are attempting to reach will depend on if your response takes longer than usual or not.

Christmas Eve (December 24th 2015):

Sponsorship Requests Desk - Closed
Pre-Sales Support - Partial Closure
All Other support desks will remain open at normal response times.


From 4th January 2016 onwards all support departments will resume usual support hours.

I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and an amazing new year!
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Posted on 22 Dec 2015 by Ryan W
We currently have a single clearance server on a great deal for you all. The server specs are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i5 4570
Disk: 250GB SSD
IPV4 Addresses: 6
Bandwidth Allowance: 20TB
Port Speed: 100Mbps
Location: Italy
Setup: Free & Within 24 hours.

This server is a modification of dedicated server 01 on our standard dedicated server range however comes with an additional 5 IPV4 addresses as standard and with absolutely no setup fee along with a fast 24 hour deployment (If not quicker!)

So if you are looking for a little gift for yourself at a great price then you can find out more about it then just click here!
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Posted on 18 Dec 2015 by Ryan W
With the continuing news on the internet of accounts being compromised, servers being hacked and all sorts of bad things going on throughout the internet we have decided to now enable the 2 factor authentication within the client area of the billing panel.

For those of you with a Yubico key you will be able to authenticate yourself using the physical key along side your standard password. For those of you who do have a Yubico key we strongly recommend enabling it when you can. It will not be mandatory to enable it, but to enhance your account security we do recommend it.

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Posted on 11 Dec 2015 by Ryan W
Hello Everyone,

Its been far far too long since I wrote a decent blog post that you may actually want to read. This blog post is to outline the current plans for Insomnia 56 here at Superior Networks.

During the summer I55 took place and we sent myself (Ryan), Dan and Alex along to the event, due to personal circumstances this event myself and Dan are unable to attend, however that has not stopped us from making sure we are there to bring you a unique perspective on things at the event! This event we will be sending our newest member of the Superior Networks team Paul to I56 who will be providing coverage of the event along side Nat who will be doing some photography and blogging throughout the event, so you should still get some great quality content from our team as per usual.

Just as usual we are obviously sending Alex as well, I dont think we would be able to stop him going if we tried, so do keep an eye out as he will be wondering around the event throughout both days.

This is all the news I do have for you all at this moment in time, however do keep an eye on this spot as the Insomnia blogs should be coming up very soon!

Have a great day!
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Posted on 30 Nov 2015 by Ryan W

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