[ UPDATE: 22:20 UK TIME ] - Standard service has now been restored and our Canadian network has been switched to a different set of fibre lines that were being installed to expand capacity. We have been told that the uplink has been established however are unsure as to exactly how stable the network is as originally the lines were not supposed to go live tonight. We will be monitoring the servers extensively as usual and we hope to get a full detailed update regarding this situation posted within the next 24 hours. We will also be getting to any tickets that were not already replied to within the next 24 hours, however due to the outage the response times have increased.

At approximately 17:00 UK Time today the Canadian network that runs a large chunk of our infrastructure went down. Our on call technical team were notified of this near instantly and we began to investigate the issue to try to identify if the issue was on our side or if it was a wider issue that was out of our control.

At Approximately 18:00 UK time we were informed that there was a wider networking issue with the entire data centre, something that our data provider was already investigating and had confirmed took down a large amount of the centre. Since then we have been doing all we can to respond to our clients with as much information as we have to hand and to try to get everything we can online.

At this moment both Cherimoya and Blueberry are primarily down however they are experiencing short bursts of uptime due to the nature of the fibre cut. Certain services that are able to be migrated to the French network have been migrated as a temporary measure, however VPS Services still remain unstable.

I can only apologise for the inconvenience and assure you that we are doing everything within our power to get things back up and running for you. All Superior-Networks web based services (Client Area, Main Website and Web Hosting) remain fully operational through our French Network.
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Posted on 02 Nov 2015 by Ryan W
Hello All,

Over the last few weeks we have been doing some research and number crunching on the potential to offer our customers WHMCS and Blesta Licenses. We have decided that initially we will focus on just offering the WHMCS licensing, simply because from our research it tends to be more in demand.

Before we launch our WHMCS licenses we need to know what interest there is in these licences. They will be available to anyone with an ACTIVE service with us. The way that the WHMCS licensing will work is the more that we order, the better value they become, and as such the less it will cost for you. Licenses will cost around £12.00GBP (Price yet to be finalized) for the monthly branded licenses and we will have some slight discounts for longer billing cycles should that be more convenient for you.

If you are interested in these then please just leave a comment so we have a rough idea on if this is something we should start to offer you all.
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Posted on 10 Oct 2015 by Ryan W
It is that time of the year where we bring to you a brand new and exclusive sale designed to save you some serious money in the run up to Christmas! First off I hope that you all had a very enjoyable summer and that you are refreshed and ready to go now!

It is with great pleasure that I bring you some rather good savings off some of our services, ranging from web hosting to dedicated servers, so there should be something in here for everyone! Our first offer is on our dedicated servers and is as follows:

Using the promotional code “SuperSale1” you will get FREE Setup on DEDICATED-01 and DEDICATED-02 dedicated servers. There is no minimum term using this promotional code, you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, it is 100% your choice.

Our second promotion for you will give you 25% off any VPSs on our range for life. All you need to do is enter the code “SuperSale02” at the checkout for this to automatically be applied to all eligible items in your shopping card.

Our final offer for this sale gives you the first month of any of our webhosting plans FREE when you enter the code “SuperSale3WH” at the checkout. This will only work if you are using the monthly billing cycle, if you wish to have this offer applied but pay on other billing cycles please just open a ticket and we will arrange this for you.

All of these savings will end on Wednesday 21st October 2015 so please do get some good use out of these and don’t forget to tell your friends, using your affiliate code of course to earn you some free credit! If you are not yet an affiliate just login to the billing panel and get signed up, share that link everywhere and get some commission for everyone that buys through your link!
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Posted on 08 Oct 2015 by Ryan W
We currently have a one time flash sale for a single dedicated server. We have a custom configured dedicated machine to the following specification available to order:

CPU: Intel Core i3-530 2.93 GHz + IPMI
Hard drive(s): 2x 1000GB HW RAID 1
Bandwidth: 100Mbps
Operating System: CentOS 6.7 64-bit

We are looking for only £35GBP Per Month with NO Setup Fee. This offer can only last for 24 hours and while our stocks last. Please open a support ticket if you are interested in ordering this server.
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Posted on 04 Oct 2015 by Ryan W
Hello Everyone!

I am very pleased to announce some special deals we currently have on a small selection of dedicated hardware exclusive to you all. All these services are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at short / no notice depending on stock levels.

Dedicated Server 1:

CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1245V2 3.30Ghz
DISK: 2 x 2000GB HDD
IPV4: 1
Bandwidth: 1Gbps
Location: Montreal, Canada
Price: £75GBP Monthly
Setup Fee: £15.00

Dedicated Server 2:

CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1245V2 3.4GHz
DISK: 2 x 2TB
IPV4: 1 + 12 Failover
Bandwidth: Unlimited @ 1Gbps
Price: £95GBP Per Month
Setup Fee: £25.00

If you are interested in either of these configurations then please open a pre-sales support ticket with us and we can make the appropriate arrangements for you.
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Posted on 16 Sep 2015 by Ryan W
We have identified that there has been an issue with our wildcard SSL Certificate for the *.superior-networks.com domain and we are investigating the issue as I write this. This will have some affect on cPanel and other SSL required services, however I hope to resolve the issue shortly.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Posted on 15 Sep 2015 by Ryan W

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Posted on 01 Jan 1970 by
Hello All, This blog post is my live coverage for Insomnia 55 and I will be updating it throughout the day. Dan and Alex will also have blog posts coming up throughout the day, and we will then create one "Super Blog" for a full write up next week. Here is my blog...


It's an early start, far far too early for any normal person, getting up at 5:15 just to finish packing and get the bus to the train station was possibly the worst possible start to the day, but it can only get better right? Well thats what I had hoped, after a quiet bus journey I met Dan at the bus station and we walked over to the train station. Upon collecting our tickets we were told that our train was not running due to industrial action and that the next one with the connections we needed to get to Coventry wouldnt be for another 2 hours...

This now leaves us trying to get on the WiFi while I am enjoying a sausage bagette, and a mocha, that I was not so much enjoying... I write this now waiting for my train to arrive so that we hopefully can get to Coventry for around 11:30. Lets wait and see what happens...


So, we managed to survive so far and are sitting (reasonably) comfortably at Oxford Station. We managed to get on the train from Swindon to Didcot and then straight onto the connecting train with no waiting at Didcot. We are sat in a rather warm and not so nice smelling cafe, but what can we expect. After the earlier coffee that was lacking any and all taste of enjoyment and tasted of bitter disappointment, I think I shall give that a miss. Its another 45mins or so before our train arrives, and then another 45mins on the train, so the hope is to get to Coventry for around 11:30 or so as it was when we left Swindon.


Well its been a very long day, and sadly I've been unable to post more regular updates but Channel 4 decided that they wanted to take over the press area (angry face)... As a result its been even more tiring as we've had to carry all our gear around the event on our backs (Not cool there...). But anyway, on with the blog. We finally arrived at the Ricoh arena at around 12:30 and from there met Alex, Rose and TechShark, we wasted no time in getting to lunch after myself and Dan's long travels up here. From there we started doing some exploring and looking around. We bumped into Nat at the Logitech booth / air tent thingie and had a good chat there before Rose went off to go Youtuber hunting, but not before seeing (but not having a chance to talk to) MarsBarGaming. I then had some time to play with a couple of keyboards and see the ones that I liked, something that will have to be going back to tomorrow to decide weather or not to buy one. We all continued chatting, cluttering up the place and meeting youtubers that nobody but Rose knew of (Or I did not at least).

Providing that we can get access to a press room tomorrow I will have a more detailed (and useful) blog post for you, but for now we are at the hotel and looking forward to a good meal before going to bed!
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Posted on 29 Aug 2015 by Ryan W

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