Hello Everyone!

In today’s blog post I bring some great news on the expansion plans for our partners over at the Zychon Network and to allow them to grow even further continuing to do all the good stuff they already do. Before we get to the actual announcement, lets cover what we already offer to all the Zychon partners, regardless of subscribers and views. As it currently stands we work with them to provide the members of Zychon with a discounted VPS for their gaming needs, and we will continue to offer that. However we want to allow even MORE of you members by increasing the discount amount by an additional 15% meaning you will now be able to claim 35% off any VPS Service with us for life!
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Posted on 19 Apr 2015 by Ryan W
Hello Everyone,

As you all know, we recently had the pleasure of attending Insomnia 54, and we will be working on the full write up today and tomorrow and publishing it for you as soon as we can.

This now brings us on to the plans for the rest of the year, and we currently have 2 events of which we have confirmed the dates for, and I wanted to let you know what we are hoping to attend:

The next event will be Insomnia 55, this is from the 28th August and tickets are already on sale from http://insomniagamingfestival.com/tickets/ so if you want to see us there, you should get your tickets before they sell out (As they will sell out quickly). We are currently waiting to hear back from the Multiplay team regarding a couple of queries we have, however we have every intention of attending on at least the Saturday and Sunday this time! As we hear more news from Multiplay on this, we will be able to confirm our plans when it comes to attendance.

Our other event that we know the dates for is EGX up at the NEC from September 24th to the 27th. We have applied for press passes to EGX and are waiting to hear back from them. Depending on if we can secure press passes and book a hotel up will depend on if we end up going for both days or just one of the days, however we do hope to go for both the Saturday and Sunday providing all goes to plan! As with Insomnia the EGX tickets are on sale, and if you want to meet us up there please do order your tickets before they sell out! You can buy your EGX Tickets here: https://www.egx.net/egx

Our write up from I54 will go live very soon as I have said, and I hope to see you at either Insomnis 55 or EGX at the NEC!
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Posted on 06 Apr 2015 by Ryan W
Hello Everyone,

We have been quite busy over the last few days (As well as with Insomnia) to try to get the Freedom Network project up and going. We have been falling behind in a lot of our targets, and for that we apologize.

We are currently at the stage where our Development Network is up and running and we are just ironing out some bugs within the MySQL system that is causing us trouble. From there we will run tests and when we feel that the servers are reasonably stable, we will push the updates to our Beta Network.

The Beta Network will allow our Premium members along with a team of specially selected regular members to test out the latest features and changes to the system (and in this case the actual initial pre-launch) before we push it live and scale it up onto multiple servers.

Our longer term goal will be to merge the development and beta network into one set of servers and deploy more playable servers for the main network and we are hoping to support around 200 players across the main network initially at any one time. This will be with 30 players per game server and 50 players on the hub its self (5 playable game servers). This we hope to eventually expand up to closer to 7 providing that there is the demand there.

Our premium players will be able to join in on a separate IP to have a smaller community with just 3 servers plus the hub where we should be supporting around 90 players at any one time.

We are currently looking for map builders who can come on and work to create 2 hubs. One for the main network (And Beta & dev) and a separate hub for our premium players. Those who we feel have given an outstanding contribution will receive free premium and possibly a full time rank of builder across the network. If you are interested in helping with this, please either send us an e-mail to admin at superior-networks .com or tweet to @SNFNetworks and we will be in contact with you.

Our BETA Network should be launching in the next couple of days but we need to iron out some glitches with IcarusMod and the TotalFreedomMod modifications we are using.
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Posted on 06 Apr 2015 by Ryan W
We arrived at around 9 AM in the car park in the commercial zone near the Ricoh arena, which is about a five-minute walk from the entrance. We walked towards the entrance and joined the queue, only to find out about five or so minutes later that we didn’t actually need to be in this line since we were going as press. We then proceeded to enter the building and wait where we thought was the place to sign-in, only to find out through curiosity later that we’re in the wrong place and we had to go to the registration desk (which obviously made sense). We then got our press passes, which came on quite cool looking lanyards showing off Multiplay and Insomnia.

We then proceeded to head to the press area where we decided to put down what we didn’t need to carry around with us all day (laptops, wall-warts, etc.). We then decided to head back upstairs to attend the welcoming ceremony, which Ryan thought started at ten when in actual fact it started at eleven – we ended up waiting in there for about an hour for it to start. It then started and we got an idea about what the day was about and then some select exhibitors said why they were here and what they’re about and then they did some giveaways, which initiated the madness of people wanting everything they could get their hands on – even the boxes where the giveaway items were stored. Sadly none of us got anything out of that.

Afterwards we headed back to the press area to meet up with some friends (Alex, Rose, Paul, Dan R and others I can’t remember the names of). We were getting quite hungry at this point as it was around twelve o’clock, so we decided to head out to Pizza Hut, which thankfully was in that commercial zone that I talked about earlier. From there we enjoyed a good quality lunch however some of us were quite shocked when we got the bill for around £70 for the five of us. After this, we headed back to the press area to chill out for a bit.
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Posted on 05 Apr 2015 by Dan J
So... We have arrived (and done a lot of stuff by the time I managed to actually sit here with my Laptop and type this up). So far its been interesting to say the least, and by some form of true luck we have managed to survive the mad crowd of people at the opening ceremony, who for some strange reason went absolutely mental for just a cardboard box and would do absolutely anything to get it.

We did however manage to get out with our limbs intact, though sadly not with any free coolness goodies, so that was a bit of a shame. We then had a very quick look around the expo hall where we had a chat with the guys at CEX and found out that the fastest ever build of a PC in their competition was around 20 seconds (Madness!). I doubt that computer will ever work if you plugged it in, but 20 seconds is rather impressive. When we looked the top score to beat was around 40 seconds, still quite quick by my standards.

We then managed to meet up with Alex again along with Dan and Rose and took the short trip out and across to pizzahut, where we all enjoyed a good lunch. While the price was quite a shock when we got the bill, everyone enjoyed the meal, though Dan R couldn't help but constantly bring up the fact that his pizza didnt have enough cheese in the stuffed crust for his liking.
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Posted on 04 Apr 2015 by Ryan W
Here at Superior-Networks, we find feedback to be invaluable. Every time we respond to a ticket our system will record how long it took for us to respond, and how long from opening the ticket to closing the ticket it took to completely resolve the issue. What we are unable to gage though, is how well we did that.

Every time a ticket is closed, you will get an E-Mail from our system asking for less than 60 seconds of your time to give us some invaluable feedback, however not a lot of you click the link. So, for all the clients in our Canada location, any tickets opened in April that have feedback will be entered in to a competition to get 1 additional IPv4 at no cost to you for life, plus a 50% coupon code that you can put towards any future orders you may place for us. All you need to do to be entered into this competition is leave us feedback in every box of the feedback form on the E-Mail we send to you after the ticket is closed.

We wish you the best of luck, and winners will be announced on May the 1st. All tickets from April 1st to April 30th inclusive will be entered into this price draw!
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Posted on 03 Apr 2015 by Ryan W
Hello All,

We have a one off one time offer that will be available for a reasonably short amount of time, and when it is gone, it really is gone. We are offering a VPS with the following spec:

6GB Ram
400GB Disk
1 IPV4

For the price of just £13 per month, for life.

If you are interested, please open a ticket with our pre-sales support team as soon as you can to secure this offer!
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Posted on 02 Apr 2015 by Ryan W
Hello Everyone,

As I am sure you are all aware, it is the easter weekend this weekend, plus our trip to insomnia. With all this in mind, we wanted to give you all an idea on what sort of support difficulties you may have while opening tickets or tweeting our team. As always we will endeavor to respond to all tickets as soon as possible and make sure that services are up and running regardless. As such I am giving you all a general idea of what you should expect from our departments over the coming few days:
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Posted on 02 Apr 2015 by Ryan W

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