Insomnia 54 is just around the corner (From this Friday in fact) and as a lot of our team are attending, we wanted to give you an idea of who would be at the event and when.

Ryan, Dan and Alex will be attending from our team and they will all be there on the Saturday somewhere or another. You will be able to follow exactly what they are doing over twitter (Depending on if they can get a signal) on the following twitter accounts:

Our Company Twitter: @SNetworks1
Ryan's Twitter: @Wild1145
Dan's Twitter: @WickedGamingUK
Alex's Twitter: @AlexHH25

As we say, signal strength at the event could be anything due to the amount of other attendees, we will however have a hard wired Internet connection each from within the Rico's Media Center, and we will aim to keep you updated throughout the day. I will also be asking Alex and Dan to write a blog that will be updated throughout the day that you will be able to read if you're interested in what we are doing, what we're planning to do and such.

We will be posting a joint write up a few days after the event that some of you may find useful, and im reasonably sure Dan will be publishing a youtube video as well that you will be able to watch. However this will all be confirmed on the blog posts on the days.

The entire team will be there for the Saturday, however not for the other days, so if you do want to come say hello to any of us, we would urge you to do it then, and not wait!

I hope anyone that is going has a very enjoyable event, and if you're interested in what we're doing, please do keep up to date with us through the blog and respective twitter accounts!
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Posted on 31 Mar 2015 by Ryan W
(First off, this is not an April fools joke)

Here at Superior Networks, we have been very busy improving how we provide our services, and we hope that you have noticed that. So, we want to give you all an offer on upgrading your existing service with us. We will be giving anybody that upgrades their service with us before the end of the working day on Sunday 5th April 2015, a 35% discount for life on the cost of their upgrade.

The next question you will be asking is, how does one go about upgrading? Well all we need you to do is login to the client area, and open a VPS support ticket for the VPS you wish to upgrade, and telling us what plan / specification you want to upgrade to. From there you just need to wait for us to process the request, and the discount will be applied automatically to the order.

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Posted on 31 Mar 2015 by Ryan W
As some of you may have guessed, we have been working on something new here at Superior Networks, and that is our Re-Seller VPS Scheme.

The first thing that we need to stress is that this is a BETA test, its for us to gather the interest and perfect the pricing of our services. This means that the prices could go up, go down or stay the same, it really depends on how well we think that it is working. Our pricing initially will be cheaper per GB / IP than our standard VPS pricing. This is because we want you to be able to remain competitive even after you have had to pay out any processing fees. This does however mean that there will be some small additional restrictions on our policy of who the service may be sold to.

This service will only be for those who actually wish to resell VPSs, you may be asked for some sort of proof to backup your order or you might not, it will depend on the scale you are purchasing and such. Those found to be using it only for personal use will have their services suspended and invoiced the difference between our reseller and normal range, plus a flat rate administration fee.

We will initially only be launching some set plans (Starting at 4GB of ram and going up to 30GB of ram) of deployable resources. Once pricing is confirmed and we are happy with the setup, we will add a few additional plans and setup a pick your own resources system, where you order the amount of RAM, disk space and IPV4's that you require.

Sadly this announcement comes just before April 1st, and thats poor timing on our part. I need to stress that this is not an April fools joke, as we simply had no time to prepare the jokes we wanted to prepare. This will be going live for you in the coming days, and we would appreciate any feedback you have on the plans.
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Posted on 31 Mar 2015 by Ryan W
UPDATE: We have some limited stock available at our Canadian location. A larger amount of stock will be available shortly.

We are currently experiencing a stock shortage at our Canadian location. We are working hard to secure the additional required hardware to make sure that orders are able to continue going through as normal, however there could be a short backlog in orders that could take up to 48 hours to process.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you, and just to remind you that you can currently instantly deploy to our French location without issue.


Superior Networks
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Posted on 28 Mar 2015 by Ryan W
Hello Everyone,

This month marks a special time of year for us, as in March 2013, Superior-Networks was founded. Our exact launch date is far too long ago to remember, however we purchased the domain on March 8th 2013, and we regard that as our birthday. Sadly due to quite a few things going on for us, it completely went out of our minds, meaning it nearly being April now. However, that has never stopped us getting some great discounts for you before.

First off, we have decided that we will be launching a 128MB VPS Range at our Canadian Location, sadly this will take a few more days for us to finalize the pricing and general setup of it, however we would like to DOUBLE your disk space if you choose to buy this server from us. All you need to do is open a VPS support ticket, state you wish for the resources to be doubled and link the agent to this post, we will then upgrade your disk space free of charge for life!

In addition to this we would like to give you 40% off most of our VPS Servers. This will not apply to our 256MB and 128MB servers, however will apply to all other services. To claim this discount all you need to do is enter the code 40Birthday15 at the checkout and it will automatically be applied to your order!

We also have some exciting news about our website and some re-designing that is coming soon, plus we will post a big project update regarding cPanelHostingPlans, CalderaMS and the Freedom Network very soon!
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Posted on 27 Mar 2015 by Ryan W
Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to bring news of our latest special offer for one lucky client. This is a one time, one off deal designed to fill most of the remaining space on one of our nodes, and for us to then be able to launch a brand new node in the coming days. Sadly money doesn't grow on trees so we cant just deploy loads of shiny new servers without filling up the old ones. Our slightly longer term goal will be to decommission the Orange server and migrating all of the VPSs there onto this new node, however before we can realistically do that, we need to fill up Tomato. So, this is our offer to you:

Disk: 500GB
IPV4: 2

Price: £22 Per Month or £200 per year

If you're interested please open a pre-sales support ticket and we will get you setup!
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Posted on 27 Mar 2015 by Ryan W
We are very pleased to announce that we have now launched our 512MB VPS's at our French Location. These are available for immediate order and deployment for as long as we have server stock available. You can place your order through this link:

Our sales team are available through our Pre-Sales support ticket department to answer any questions you may have!
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Posted on 26 Mar 2015 by Ryan W
With our aims of ever improving our services, we have been working hard on how we can improve your end user experience and we will be making the following changes in the coming weeks.

First we will be discontinuing our VPN Range. Due to the level of manual intervention required to maintain the services, we feel that this is impacting on the end user experience and ultimately we dont feel that it is viable in the longer term. To deal with this we will be retiring all VPN services with immediate affect and you will receive a notification of service cancellation. We will continue to honour all services until the service is due for renewal.

We will also be launching our 512MB VPS's at our French location in the coming days. We are now in a position where its viable for us to offer this to you all without having to charge you more. These plans will be going live in the coming days where we will get everything up and running for you. We will keep you updated with this and should have it up and running fully by next Monday.
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Posted on 26 Mar 2015 by Ryan W

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