We have noticed some rather strange issues arising with NodeQuery, where two or three (Of the same) servers will switch between un-reachable and not. This is not the actual case and there have been no recent actual server issue, only false positives.

As we use this for our SLA monitoring to ensure that you get the best uptime, its far from ideal. We do have plans in the works to switch to a new setup by ServerDen, however their system is still in development and probably will not be ready for another 2 to 3 weeks.

We are asking for your understanding during this time as we will receive far more false positives than usual and you may see on twitter servers "offline" when they actually are not. We will be trying to verify as many issues as possible before sending out a tweet, however we do aim to ensure that you are up to date as soon as defects are reported within our network.

I thank you all for your understanding and hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.
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Posted on 09 Feb 2015 by Ryan W
We are planning to migrate our SolusVM Master from our existing small 128Mb server on to a more powerful server on a completely new network. This setup will continued to be completely isolated from our current servers for redundancy reasons.

This is a provider we have not used before, and as such we are unsure on its reliability, however hear that it is a decent provider to work with.

We are planning the migration on the following date:

Start: Saturday 14th February 2014 at 21:00
End: Sunday 15th February 2014 at 00:01

We estimate the work to take just over 3 hours at maximum due to the nature of this migration.

In addition to moving to a new server we will also be re-updating all of the OpenVZ templates and adding the additional operating systems that we have not yet had a chance to add. You will be unable to manage your VPS during this time, however your servers will remain online as these nodes will not be affected.
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Posted on 09 Feb 2015 by Ryan W
We have decided to launch a new range of VPS's, our "Server Filler Range". This is a range that is designed to fill the remaining space in some of our nodes. These are designed to fill the remaining space within our nodes to ensure that we can continue to provide the very best service to our clients.

We currently have 3 plans, designed to fill the remaining space on our servers at a discounted rate. They are as follows:

France 1:

50GB Disk
13GB Ram

This would cost £18 per month with 1 IPV4 and unlimited bandwidth.

Canada 1:

250GB Disk
8GB Ram

This would cost £15 per month with 1 IPV4 and unlimited bandwidth.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these plans please contact our pre-sales support team who will get you invoiced and setup!
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Posted on 06 Feb 2015 by Ryan W
We have recently installed the update for SolusVM, this is mostly a bug fix release from them, however it should fix some of the bugs that have been in the system for some time, including the Java console.

Generally there should be no difference to your service, however if you would like to find out the details of the update, you can see the change log here: https://documentation.solusvm.com/display/DOCS/v1.16#v1.16-1.16.08

If you find any issues with your service, please contact support ASAP so we can try to resolve this for you and pass the issues onto Solus.
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Posted on 02 Feb 2015 by Ryan W
Recently our administrative and server management team that there has been a very sharp increase in accounts being compromised and as such causing an issue for both you and us.

For this reason, I feel it appropriate to cover some basic security tips, both applicable to just your VPS services, but also some more general tips that you should follow when using secure services on he Internet.

Utilize SSH Keys

SSH Keys are an incredibly powerful way of securing your servers, this means that you require a keyfile ("Key") that authenticated with the server ("Lock"). This is one of the best ways that you can reduce the chances of your account being compromised, simply because if all accounts (Especially root) uses this, if you use a secure generation setup, it will take millions, if not billions of years to attempt to crack it.

Use Strong / Random Passwords

Re-Using passwords is one thing we all do, but it can be the easiest way to loose access to everything at once, where possible you should use a randomly generated password for every individual service and account. You should especially avoid passwords like 1234 or other shorter dictionary words on their own, as these are the first types that are attempted if its a dictionary type attack. Strong passwords is ones like
FpaI?0s`V49+Ec'vnQ6r&GT7~>72 as its not pronounceable, has 24 characters including letters, numbers and symbols, making it near impossible to crack without you noticing the attempt.

A lot of password security is about common sense, using simple and easy to guess passwords are going to get cracked, so when you make your next password, just think about using the most secure unique one you can, brining me to my second major point. Regular password changes are VITAL. They make it a hell of a lot harder for someone to guess your password, or if they do have it, to re-gain access in the long term. We advise a root password change monthly, and less secure passwords changed every quarter.
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Posted on 01 Feb 2015 by Ryan W
There have been some recent issues with email addresses to some lesser known providers. We strongly recommend against using these types of emails as it has been known to bounce back to our servers, and will flag with us as an invalid email address, suspending all active services.

It is critical that all your information is 100% accurate both for our records, but so that you can get all your service information, ticket responses and all similar critical emails we need you to have a permanent email address linked to your account.

If you have any questions please open a support ticket with our support teams who are able to help you where you may need it.
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Posted on 30 Jan 2015 by Ryan W
I am pleased to inform you that we have managed to appropriately provision all pending servers that were awaiting deployment to our Canadian DC.

We currently are still somewhat short on stock however more is on order and this should prevent this becoming an issue again any time soon.

Thank you for your understanding.
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Posted on 26 Jan 2015 by Ryan W
Due to a upstream technical issue with the provisioning system of IP addresses and routing the appropriately we are currently our of IPV4 addresses at our Canadian location.

We are working with the DC technicians to resolve this as quickly as possible, however until the stock has been provisioned to us, we are unable to deploy the machines.

We will keep you updated here and via our twitter @SNetworks1 and @SNServerStatus
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Posted on 24 Jan 2015 by Ryan W

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